The Tango could quite possibly be the most well-known types of exotic dancing besides The Samba around the world.

The Tango is a 2 person dance that was created in the 1880’s around the border of Argentina and Uruguay. The popularity of this dance has since spread to all over the world. Since its creation there have become many different types of Tango that people can try to learn with each other. The authentic Tango is the one that is most considered to be the closest to the one created in Argentina and Uruguay. In 2009 The Tango was approved in a joint proposal by Argentina and Uruguay by UNESCO to be included as a part of each place’s heritage. Even though the dance was created around the Argentinian and Uruguay border it has influences from Africa and European culture. Dance ceremonies from former slave peoples helped shape what is known as The Tango.

Balinese dance

The Balinese dance is an artistic expression that has been around for many years, possibly hundreds or more years, among the people that live on the Bali Island, Indonesia. The dance itself is also known to be of a religious nature as well. The Balinese Dance is a very expressive type of dance that uses expressions by the dancers of all of their body parts to tell a story. This mindset has been also adopted by the sexiest strippers known as exotic dancers. They will mainly use their eyes, hands, fingers and head to tell the story through the dance. Bali culture is filled with expressions through dance as a way to speak to each other or to an audience, the most popular stories by which these dances are incorporated are of different kinds of characters including, but not limited to Rangda the witch as well as Borang the great beast. Most of the dances in Bali are connected to Hindu rituals which is partly what makes The Balinese Dance so important in Indonesian culture.

Zulu Dancing

Zulu Dancing is a traditional form of exotic dancing, which comes from South Africa. South African people will generally do this type of dance during times of war or during times of marriage. For many people it is more of a dance to be watched rather to participate in because the movements of the dance are considered to be very abrupt or offhand in a manner such as lifting the legs high over the head and dancing in an active manner. The dance is done by men and women with the women wearing grass skirts and the men wearing grass shorts while also holding spears usually.