Exotic Forms of Dance

There are many different forms of exotic dancing when it comes to the movements within the dance. Exotic dancing can be anything from Belly Dancing Routines all the way down to dancing you might find at a gentleman’s club. With that being said I am going to talk about 5 different types of exotic dancing that you might see by escorts in Brooklyn New York or may want to try for yourself.

NYC private dancers

A private dancer will almost always use a more seductive type of dancing when dancing for their clients. It may not even be considered dancing to a certain extent and could be considered more grinding or moving the hips in a sensual motion. This is the kind of dancing you would normally find at any establishment such as adult entertainment where escorts, will cater to men in this kind of fashion.

In this website, you can find information on 6 different types of more traditional types of exotic dancing you might be able to see beyond somewhere like that in New York City adult entertainment where MVP Escorts private dancers work at.

The Lambada

The Lambada is otherwise known as The Lambada, The Forbidden Dance is a dance that was originated in Brazil, which was made more popular around the 1980’s thanks to films that carried the name of the dance. The Lambada is a 2 person dance that is very sensual. The Lambada will usually have the dancers swaying from side to side with arched legs. You will never see the dancers moving from front to back when dancing The Lambada. There is even a song created in 1976 called Lambada that has rhythms that you would normally associate with The Lambada dance style.


Number 2 on this list is The Samba. The Samba is another type of exotic dancing that has its roots in Brazil. The Samba is a type of music as well as being a type of exotic dancing as well. The roots of The Samba are African in nature through African Slave Trade by way of parts of The Congo through the North Eastern Brazilian State of Bahia from which the dance was conceived. The Samba has always been considered a dance from Urban Brazil. The Samba is recognized around the world as a symbol of Brazil and The Brazilian Festival.