family-time1Welcome to Active Family Time! Our mission is to get families active together and help them meet their US exercise guidelines. Being active as a family helps create a strong positive family bond and solid foundation that has the power to last a lifetime. Explore our website for great family activities, family outings and active learning events that will provide many opportunities for family fun and lots of bonding. Creating great memories for you and your family is easy, healthy, fun and rewarding with Active Family Time!

Children need 60 minutes of exercise a day while adults need a minimum of 2 hours and 30 minutes of activity a week to increase health and decrease the likelihood of chronic diseases.

You can find different ideas for what Active Family Time options are by doing a search the Phoenix internet. Our lives have become more sedentary, and often more isolated, as we spend hours a day sitting at work, school, and in front of TV, computer and video-game screens. With our waistlines expanding and our relationships contracting, it only makes sense to spend time as a family being active, having fun, and bonding. Active Family Time makes it easy!